First contact (book 15 minutes to meet me FREE)

We need to be a good fit. Let’s have a commitment free visit - you are free to ask any questions, get the paperwork you need, figure out what you can bring to your first visit to make our time flow smoothly. Pick up your new patient package and decide when you are ready to take the plunge. This visit is not a treatment - if you are a new patient and need acute treatment, please book a 60 minute visit.


Second contact (book FOR 60 minutes)

This visit includes your physical exam, a full health history assessment, your current health condition and a breakdown of your health care goals so we can get started on your treatment protocol.


Following visits

Check Ins, Acute Care, Lab Test Review, Refills
15 minutes / $75

Follow Up, Myers Push, Acupuncture, Check Up  
30 minutes / $110

Pediatric Intake, New Conditions, Diet Changes, Extended Visit  
45 minutes / $155

Second Contact, IV Therapy, Annual Check Up, Counselling Visit, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
60 minutes / $200

Accepting Extended Benefits.

Tell your friends and family about your experiences with Dr. Giselle - we offer referral incentives.