My mission is to educate and support your journey to health.

There is a way to make this easy and awesome.

It is boutique medicine that takes you to the next level.

We start with what you put in your body, we discuss what comes out - and work on everything in-between.



The best part - your first contact is free. Yes, that’s what I said. In a 15 minute introduction to Naturopathy, you get the all the paperwork you need, meet the doctor (that’s me) and get the tools. Diet, diary, brochures, testing information  - this is the first step to maximize your investment in your health and see if you want to work with a Naturopath. This is your chance to learn more about what I can do for you. Ideally we do a phone visit to decide if we will be a good fit.  Connect to me by phone 604-764-8431 or send me an email

Dr.Giselle has not only provided me with practical health care treatments and solutions, she has given me knowledge to help me and my family live healthier lives. She understands that life is busy, so she makes practical suggestions I can implement in my everyday life to improve my health. I would recommend her services to everyone.
— Michelle Morgan, mother of 2

Supporting you to the next level

  • Assess your diet & learn how to meet your specific nutritional needs.
  • Testing for food allergies, hormones, SIBO, Lyme, Thyroid. 
  • Physical examination & assessment.
  • Take stock of what works and what doesn't in your current life.
  • How to incorporate your goals with your family and household. 
  • Personalized herbal tea blends.
  • Feeling tired in your work day? Come in for  30 minute Napuncture (NAP + ACUPUNCTURE)
  • On-going support - create a custom health team to keep you motivated.
  • Whole family Health Care
  • Well Child visits
  • Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture
  • A clear plan to meet your health goals.

Dr. Giselle is a member of the Sage Clinic in Yaletown.